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Comprehensive Industrial Design, Graphics, and Full-Service Manufacturing Solutions. Discover Maroon Vault as your ultimate partner for innovative industrial design, expert graphics, and end-to-end manufacturing services.

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Award-winning innovations & trusted by global brands

Maroon Vault’s designs have received prestigious accolades and are trusted by leading global companies. We provide reliable industrial design solutions that meet industry standards


We function as your internal Design Team

At Maroon Vault, we integrate seamlessly with your team, providing the same level of accessibility and collaboration as if our studios were right next door to your office. Our commitment to open communication and close partnership ensures that your design needs are met efficiently and effectively.


Our industrial design team excels at transforming concepts into functional and aesthetically pleasing products. From initial sketches to 3D modeling and prototyping, we ensure every detail meets your specifications and market demands. Our designs prioritize usability, sustainability, and manufacturability, making your products stand out in the competitive market.

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Creative and Impactful. Maroon Vault’s graphic design services cover a broad spectrum, including branding, packaging, and marketing materials. Our team creates visually stunning graphics that communicate your brand’s message effectively. We focus on creating cohesive visual identities that enhance brand recognition and engage your target audience across all platforms.

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We offer end-to-end manufacturing services to bring your designs to life. From sourcing materials to overseeing production, our team ensures high-quality outcomes at every stage. We collaborate with trusted manufacturers to deliver products that meet your standards for quality and performance, ensuring timely and cost-effective production runs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We specialize in industrial design, presentation design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Our comprehensive approach covers the entire design and production cycle, ensuring visually appealing and functional products delivered on time and on budget.

Contact us through our graphics-specific website maroonslides.com or email, and we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.

Yes, we offer 3D prototyping services to bring your product ideas to life before moving into full manufacturing.

We work across various industries, including automotive concept design, vehicles for film, consumer electronics, and lifestyle products.

Yes, we are equipped to handle both small and large-scale manufacturing projects.

Timelines vary by project type. Presentation designs typically take 1-2 weeks, while industrial design and manufacturing timelines are project-dependent.

Yes, a certain number of revisions are included in the initial price. Additional revisions can be requested for a fee.

Our main office is located in Los Angeles, California, but we serve clients globally.


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